Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Czech Republic - Praha - Brno - Stará BoleslavVisit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Czech Republic - Praha - Brno - Stará Boleslav

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Practical information

Practical information

Basic information for the participants at the Mass with Pope Benedict XVI in Brno

When: Sunday, 27th September 2009 at 10:00 am.

Where: International airport Brno-Tuřany (Google Maps).

Access to the area: There are a limited number of built-up paths which must be used by all participants in order to arrive in time. The paths have a limited capacity so we urge you: please keep the time stated in your seat reservation ticket until which you must take the place in your sector latest.

We recommend using the toilets in the parking lots and in front of the entrance to the sector area. There are a sufficient number of toilets.

The place reservation tickets were distributed in advance together with this guide. If you don't have the place reservation ticket, there are some free ones even for not registered pilgrims in the info tents by the entrance to the area.

Entrance to the sectors: The place reservation ticket is valid for the entry to a concrete sector, its location is marked in the map of the area. The shortest way to the sectors can be seen on the information boards in the area. It is possible to use your own camp-stool in the sector.

Movement in the area: After getting in the area go immediately into your sector, do not stay in the corridors.

Organizers: There will be clearly marked organizers, health care personnel and a doctor available in every sector – feel free to ask them for help. There is a direct connection to the main and crisis organizers in the information stand in the sector.

Holy Mass: We ask you for a calm and concentrated participation at the Holy Mass, do not wave with flags nor unfold banners during the service. The area is equipped with sound equipment; there are large screens at various places. No financial collection at any place (neither in the area of the service nor outside of it) is held during the whole meeting with the Holy Father, therefore beware of possible cheats.

Holy Communion will be given in all sectors, look for white-yellow umbrellas. Only believers baptized in the Catholic Church, living sacramental lives and prepared to receive the Holy Communion in an appropriate way, can receive the Holy Communion.

At the end of the service Holy Father Benedict XVI. will grant his apostolic blessing. Blessing of foundation-stones of religious buildings and other objects of liturgical veneration (rosaries, medallions, pictures) is also included.

Departure from the area: In order to avoid collision at the access paths, stay at your place after the service, there is an ongoing program prepared. Leave the area gradually starting with the back sectors. Mind the instructions of the organizers.

Camp site: There is a meadow marked in front of the area where pilgrims can build their tents as early as Saturday.

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