Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Czech Republic - Praha - Brno - Stará BoleslavVisit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Czech Republic - Praha - Brno - Stará Boleslav

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27.09.2009, author: Kateřina Regendová, kategorie: News

Young people will talk to the Pope

Two young people will hand over two gifts to the Holy Father
Young people will talk to the Pope

Holy Father will receive 2 gifts from young people in the Czech Republic at the end of the Mass in Stará Boleslav. The first of them is a photo book about life of young Christians in the Czech Republic. It contains photographs from dioceses, communities and orders as well as from the national youth meetings organised by the Youth Section of the Czech Bishops' Conference.

The young people have also organised a collection in recent months to show their Christian solidarity and to be able to donate a gift to the Pope to support his charitable and missionary projects in Africa. The "For Africa! public collection has been going on for two months and it will continue until the end of September. The sum on the cheque which will be handed over to Pope will respond the actual amount of money at the account till Sept. 28, 2009.

It is a nice tradition in the Czech Republic that each national youth meeting is accompanied by solidarity of young people. Let us remember the 1999 meeting in Svatá Hora, the meetings that took place in Žďár nad Sázavou in 2002, in Tábor in 2007 and Actv8 in Velehrad held last year.

The two young people who will come close to the Pope are both actively involved in the catholic youth work. Marie Lukešová, a 23-year-old student of pharmaceutics and religious education from Semily, is actively involved in work with young people in her home town as well as in Hradec Králové, where she studies. Vladislav Janouškovec, a 27-year-old teacher of German and History at a primary school in Plzeň, is active assistant of Diocesan Youth Centre as well as sports editor in Český rozhlas Plzeň (Czech Radio), journalist for ČRo 1 Radiožurnal (news section of the Czech Radio) and Deputy Chairman of Young Christian Democrats of the Plzeň Region.

Marie has already met Benedict twice, in the Italian Alps near Aosta and at the international youth meeting in Cologne. She is glad that the Pope continues with organising the World Youth Days, as did John Paul II. and said that she also very much likes the title of the Pope "Servant of the Servants of God" and thinks highly of him as one of the greatest theologist of today. Vladislav's greatest spiritual experience with the meeting of Pope was the 2000 World Youth Meeting with John Paul II in Rome.

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