Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Czech Republic - Praha - Brno - Stará BoleslavVisit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Czech Republic - Praha - Brno - Stará Boleslav

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26.09.2009, author: Monika Vývodova, kategorie: News

Holy Father at the Prague Castle

Meeting the politicians in the Spanish Hall
Holy Father at the Prague Castle

At 3:25 p.m., the Pope Benedict XVI. arrived at the Prague Castle, welcomed by fanfars. The President of the Czech Republic with his wife awaited the Holy Father in the Throne Hall. The Pope made his entry into the Visitors' Book and continued in a private meeting with the presidential couple. Simultaneously, the Czech Prime Minister, Jan Fischer, met the cardinal and Vatican State Secretary Tarcisio Bertone.

Around 5 p.m., the private meeting was finished by handover of the president's presents to the Pope. Then, the Holy Father greeted the Chair of the Czech Senate, Přemysl Sobotka, the Chair of the Czech House of Representatives, Vladislav Vlček, and the Czech Prime Ministerm Jan Fischer.

The following meeting with public representatives was opened by the President, Václav Klaus. Presently, the assembly became engrossed in listening to the concert of the Czech Philharmonic of Antonín Dvořák's "Te Deum", op. 103.

In his speech, the Holy Father reminded of the twentieth anniversary of the fall of totaliarism which poses an occasion to for the youth to reflect on the nature of the gained freedom. The Pope claims that human freedom is connected to the truth and the good. In his opinion, Christianity should play a decisive role in the formation of spiritual and cultural heritage of this country. He mentioned that there were also conflicts in the past that were straightened out mainly thanks to the Christian sense for conciliation. The Pope asked a rhetoric question whether this is not the attitude that the present Europe needs.

The Holy Father considers service to progress as audacity to utter the truth. He sees the vocation of Europe in procuring good, truth and beauty in favour of the individuals and nations. He emphesized the task of the youth in the strife for moral virtues and life in love and good.

The Pope rejoined to the motto of the Czech presidential standard, "The Truth wins," that the Trutch can never win by means of violence but by means of witness that is born by people of strong principles, altruism and willingness to dialogue, for the thirst for truth is embeded in the heart of every human being to guide him or her to seeking justice and peace. He has assured the assembly that he prays that their service may be inspired by this truth.

The whole speech of his Holiness here.

26.09.2009 17:00

Setkání s politiky

Setkání s politiky
Španělský sál Pražského hradu

author: Filip Kotek


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